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Our Guarantee

Great service demands a great guarantee

We stand behind our work at Geek Housecalls and Geeks for Business; that's why we include a one-year warranty on parts and labor, no questions asked. If a vendor supplies us with a defective piece of hardware that goes into a client's project, we make every effort to replace the defective item with an exact or substitute replacement, within two business days.


As of mid-2023, supply chain issues unfortunately persist, and some items are more difficult to source than others, even with manufacturer warranties in effect. Regardless, most common tech items, such as hard drives, solid state drives, memory (RAM), network routers and switches, monitors, and other peripherals are easily sourced. We work hard to minimize your downtime!

If we make a mistake during installation, or accidentally damage an existing piece of equipment, we are fully insured and will work diligently to make the situation right. This is very rare, but we think peace of mind is important, even when considering simple IT tasks.

All labor performed by Geek Housecalls and Geeks for Business is warrantied for one year. If something goes wrong, we'll assess the problem within two business days and either perform a repair at no cost to you, or advise you of the best course of action, if events outside our control are to blame (electrical surges, natural disasters, fires, for example). We recommend clients minimize risk in their IT environments wherever possible and financially feasible, such as installing uninterruptible power supplies, surge protectors, chemical fire suppression systems, and failover hardware in environments where downtime is costly.

If you're looking for more protection, Geek Housecalls offers extended protection plans on parts and labor (provided the manufacturer's warranty is one year or less). We're proud to offer 2, 3, and 5 year warranties on most items (consumable items like ink cartridges, excluded) and on labor. Extended protection pricing varies based on the project and hardware involved, so please contact us for an estimate tailored to your project!

We cannot, however, warranty items that were not installed by Geek Housecalls and Geeks for Business.


Existing hardware, installed by a third party, is subject to that third party's warranty terms and cannot have additional protection coverage added by Geek Housecalls and Geeks for Business or any of its agents. Generally, we recommend customers not purchase extended warranties for hardware unless that extended warranty is provided directly by the original manufacturer.


Third-party warranty service providers do not, in our opinion, have a very good track record and are unable to reliably service products from the huge variety of manufacturers that they claim to. We additionally recommend customers look into accidental damage protection plans for items such as smartphones and laptops, that are more likely to be dropped or otherwise damaged during normal use.

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