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Why choose Geek Housecalls?

We work on your schedule


We travel to you, we work on your schedule, and we value your time. Geek Housecalls offers on-site and remote service, as well as providing drop-off services at our office location.

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We see IT as more than a money-making endeavor

We don't like to speak ill of other companies in the IT provider industry, but there is admittedly a lot of dollar-chasing that, disappointingly, overshadows client needs and the greater ethical good of helping people secure their digital lives. This is why we offer substantial discounts on all services to nonprofits, such as churches and shelters. It's true that providing onsite service for any product is expensive, as are custom technology solutions. We're not fans of nickel-and-diming and we don't believe in selling solutions that a customer will never need or grow into. There is a great deal of waste in the tech space and we want to see less hardware thrown out, and less money spent on oversized solutions.

We're local and we're responsive

Geek Housecalls has always been based in Durham and we've always enjoyed providing rapid follow-ups to both existing and prospective clients. No one wants to wait two weeks to get their computer fixed, or to have a phone system set up. We want you to have the kind of experience that *we* want to have with technology: efficient, courteous, and expert.

We have an IT network

Sometimes, a job requires bringing in fellow IT pros. We don't mind admitting it since we know other experts in the field who specialize in one thing and do it really well (like DriveSavers data recovery!). If your job requires an 'all-hands' approach, we know the right people to call.

Our reviews speak for us

Check out our Testimonial section on the Home page to see what past and current clients have to say about us. We're always absolutely thrilled to receive a positive review, and we're grateful for all the positive word-of-mouth our work has generated. We don't like to brag, so we let our clients do it for us!

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