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Disaster Recovery

Geek Housecalls and Geeks for Business are providers of IT disaster recovery services, including:

  • Data recovery:

  • In the event of hardware or software failure. We partner with DriveSavers, Inc. in the event that we can't restore your data onsite or at the customer's location. We're equipped to handle even complex data recovery scenarios, such as recovering data from RAID arrays or flash storage.

  • Ransomware remediation:

  • Ransomware costs both home and business users billions of dollars in lost productivity every year, and those numbers are only going up. The best defense against ransomware is a comprehensive data backup solution. Geek Housecalls offers peace of mind with our data backup, virtualization, and endpoint security strategies to ensure ransomware doesn't crash your business.

  • Virtualization and infrastructure redundancy:

  • When you rely on your IT systems for remote work or to run your own company, redundancy is key in preventing disaster. We can help you implement a plan to virtualize physical hardware and introduce failover solutions to keep your business online in the event of data loss, power outage, or Internet outages.

  • DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service):

  • The best offense is a good defense, after all. Take a proactive approach to disaster recovery. Talk to Geek Housecalls today about our DRaaS solution for your business or home. Preventative maintenance, periodic backups, security and software patching are included in our monthly DRaaS plan, letting you focus on what matters to your business.

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