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Managed IT Services

Geek Housecalls and Geeks for Business offer a variety of managed IT services for your home or business, including:

  • Managed security:

  • Ransomware costs the average small company a staggering $713,000, according to a report from Tech Transformers. Only around 1 in 5 small to medium sized businesses are confident in their IT security strategies. Security can be difficult and expensive to manage by yourself, especially as threats grow more sophisticated. Geek Housecalls' experience in preventing and remediating security threats can help you spend less time worrying about managing your small business's IT security.

  • Managed networking:

  • Modern networks carry more traffic than ever. HIPAA and PCI compliance add more layers of complexity to your network. Are you prepared for an Internet outage with a cellular failover solution? We've got it covered! At Geek Housecalls, we advocate strongly for Internet redundancy in both home and business. We can ensure your network is secure, standards-compliant, and redundant. We monitor and update your network hardware, proactively, giving you insights into bandwidth usage, downtime, and network performance, all for a flat monthly rate.

  • Managed data backup:

  • The amount of data the world generates each year is vast. According to Statista, by 2025 the world will create, capture, copy, or consume 125 zettabytes of data. That's roughly 114 *billion* terabytes of data, or enough to fill 5.7 billion 20TB hard drives. As hard drives increase in capacity, so, too, do the chances of an unrecoverable error. Malware, hardware failures, and incomplete data backups don't have to leave you in the lurch. Geek Housecalls provides ongoing, proactive data security for you and your business. We combine on-premises with cloud storage to give you resiliency, in addition to offering up to hourly snapshots of your data. Combined with our managed security plan, you can rest assured your critical data is safe.

  • Managed infrastructure:

  • Geek Housecalls proudly offers a turnkey technology solution for small and medium businesses. Let us do the legwork in installing your business's hardware, software, and network. After installation, we provide a comprehensive managed service plan that covers every aspect of your IT infrastructure. We provide analytics, performance metrics, usage logs, identity access management, software patching, data backup, security, and hardware monitoring for an affordable, flat monthly rate.

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