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Geek Housecalls provides full-service device repair for home and business clients!


We repair Windows laptops, Chromebooks, desktops, Apple MacBooks, iMacs, and Mac Pros.


We currently do not offer smartphone, tablet, or inkjet printer repair. If you would like to have your laser printer repaired, please contact Matt ( for an estimate.

Specific repair service offerings include:

  • LCD replacement*

    • *(in certain laptops, including most MacBooks, the entire display assembly must be replaced if the LCD is damaged; this is usually due to laptop manufacturers 'fusing' the display panel to a glass layer, which makes the two pieces inseparable without destroying both the screen and glass covering)

  • Hard drive replacement/solid-state drive upgrades

  • Memory replacement/upgrades

  • Data transfer and disk imaging

  • Keyboard replacement

  • Motherboard replacement

  • DC jack service and replacement (solder-in or plug-in style DC jacks)

  • Board-level repairs, involving soldering or microsoldering

  • Battery replacement (MacBooks included)

  • Wireless adapter and wireless antenna replacement and/or repair

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