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Device Repair

Geek Housecalls and Geeks for Business provide full-service device repair for home and business clients!

Specific repair service offerings include:

  • LCD replacement* (see note below)

  • Hard drive replacement/solid-state drive upgrades

  • Memory replacement/upgrades

  • Data transfer and disk imaging

  • Keyboard replacement

  • Motherboard replacement

  • DC jack service and replacement (solder-in or plug-in style DC jacks)

  • Board-level repairs, involving soldering and micro-soldering

  • Battery replacement (MacBooks and Windows laptops)

  • Wireless adapter and wireless antenna replacement and/or repair

*(in certain laptops, including most MacBooks, the entire display assembly must be replaced if the LCD is damaged; this is usually due to laptop manufacturers 'fusing' the display panel to a glass layer, which makes the two pieces inseparable without destroying both the screen and glass covering)

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