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Cloud Computing and Storage Solutions

  • Geeks for Business can help your business minimize hardware costs, streamline and simplify daily operations, and increase productivity by leveraging cloud technology, like those provided by Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

  • Are your on-premises servers too expensive and complex to maintain? Get in touch with Geek Housecalls and we can design a plan to virtualize your physical hardware or convert your technology solutions to all-cloud.

  • If you are handling sensitive data, working with large amounts of data, or rely on low latency when working with data, a hybrid-cloud solution may be the best fit for your needs. In a hybrid-cloud solution, some tasks are migrated to the cloud (eg: web or phone systems hosting) while other tasks are kept onsite. When performance matters, there's no replacement for onsite hardware.

  • Are you interested in right-sizing your current cloud service solutions? We can help. By working with a number of VARs (value-added resellers) and other channel partners (businesses who work with other businesses in the industry), we can evaluate and often reduce your cloud service bills. You shouldn't pay more than you need to.

  • We are proud to offer data backup services for business clients through cloud data storage provider, Backblaze. Get in touch today to discuss your cloud storage needs, your current provider, and how Geeks for Business can improve your business's uptime and resiliency by leveraging secure cloud storage.

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